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01 March 2011 @ 03:42 am
| New Rule |  
Due to problems with a community that I don't approve of taking the things Co-owner flowerangel050 , and myself have made specifically just for the fandom's "La Fllay Revolution" there will be a new rule added.

Rule 7 - Anything made for Project La Fllay Revolution, which is a contest/contribution effort to provide our community with more fanart, graphics, videos, and etc. is not to be used on any other community unless explicitly given permission. This means sending the owner, tenshi_kasumi , or Co-owner, flowerangel050 , a personal message asking, and awaiting a response back before you can post it if told "yes". This only concerns headers, and banners made to promote the project itself. If we tell you "No" on the header and banners for it you're not to use them. The things made for the contest though can be used at the owners discretion. Below is a list of communities banned from promoting the project due to the content of their communitiy, their leaders behavior, and the desire of flowerangel050 , and myself, tenshi_kasumi  , not wanting to be associated with them.

Communities Banned:
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